Everest Cement Wood Planks

Product Details:
  • Brand: Everest
  • Size (Inches): Customized
  • For Use in: Side Walls
  • Shape: Customized

Everest Cement Planks are aesthetically pleasing Wood look alike Planks widely used for various residential & commercial arena with impressive wood grain texture. Made with a unique HPSC Technology in state-of-art manufacturing plant using HATCHEK process making it a tough durable siding product with impressive dimensional stability. Everest Cement Wood Planks are a popular choice among architects & designers who seeks to embellish their creative rendition with a typical wooden finish.

Areas of Application:

  • Fascias
  • External Wall
  • Eaves and Soffit Lining

Finishing Choices:

  • Acrylic or elastomeric grade of exterior paint
  • Product Brochure – Everest Cement Wood Planks

Attributes (Pneumonic):

  • Termite Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Weather Resistant


Whether it be a traditional ambiance or a contemporary decor, whether it be a house, an office or a resort. The look of wood has always infused warmth and sophistication in design, however, issues about its maintenance, resilience and cost always pose as a source of concern. But what if you could enjoy the best of both worlds? What if you could have the look of wood without all its worries.

Attractive and durable, Everest Cement Planks are manufactured in our ultra modern plant using state-of-the-art Hatschek process. Available in different sizes and premiered form, these combine the appearance of wood with the strength of cement so that you don’t lose sleep over the usual flaws and knots! From exteriors to interiors across commercial to residential, Everest Cement Planks let you accentuate your spaces through canvases of elegance and endurance without spending extravagantly. Now you can have stunning wood finishes with spectacular savings.

Inspiration to Design Inspiration:

  • With the use of fiber cement formulation, Everest Cement Planks resist termites and moisture, do not rot or deteriorate and provide long-lasting strength. These also provide outstanding wearability with low maintenance.
  • Available in a thickness of 7.5mm and sizes 225 x 3000mm/ 1200 x 600mm, Everest Cement Planks come in smooth and textured finishes such as Burma Teak, Golden Beech, and Walnut. These are pre-primed and can be used for exterior & interior walls along with leaves & soffit linings to suit your imagination

Everest Stone Cladding

Product Details:
  • Brand: Everest
  • Color: Multiple color available

You can have the stunning finish of stone and the enduring strength of cement! A popular finish in Europe, these are being manufactured by Everest in India. Pre-finished and ready-to-install with superior attributes, Everest stone cladding lend style and elegance to your residential, commercial and hospitality projects while giving you value for money by being less expensive than stone. Being lighter than stone, these reduce load on the building and help you generate considerable savings.
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