Everest Floor Boards

Product Details:
  • Application: Lofts
  • Brand: Everest
  • Thickness: 18
  • Color: Grey

Everest Floor Boards the one-of-its-kind intelligent idea in flooring. Rising material cost and green legislations for environmental conservation coupled with time constraints are changing the face of modern day architecture. Yet, contemporary building solutions have been slow to accommodate these surging demands. Changes in the office environment and data centers continue to be disruptive, slow and wasteful. Repairs are unnecessarily costly and labor intensive. Global sustainability practices still pose a significant threat to cost management policies.

Business models change with time leading to the frequent change in expansion and reconfiguration of work spaces. Everest Access Floor Systems provide an intelligent solution to these growing demands by providing manageable infrastructure for changes in office layouts and technology deployment. With enhanced environmental performance, it creates on integrated flooring system that’s environmentally friendly, cost efficient and easy to adapt with minimal downtime and disruption to the occupants.

Consisting of liftable floor tiles and a grid of adjustable height pedestals, these access floors healthy and safe working environment by housing HVAC, power, voice, and data cabling under the floor. It provides sustainable returns by the reduction in energy consumption and material use while enhancing the aesthetics of your commercial space. In short, it’s the movable asset for life’ when it comes to modern flooring.

Areas of Application:

  • Lofts
  • Storage Access
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Cyber Cafes
  • Superior
Everest Floor Boards (Dry Area)

Sheet ThicknessSpanAllowable UDL (Kg/Sq.m.)Allowable P
oint Load
Suggested Section
(mm)(mm)2 to 3 supportsMultiple supports(Kg)
18300350550275ISA 65 x 65 x 6 or RHS 96 x 48 x 4.8
20300410700310ISA 65 x 65x x 6 or RHS 96 x 48 x 4.8
18400280420235ISMC 100 or RHS 96 x 48 x 4.8
20400350510330ISMC 150 or RHS 122 x 61 x 4.5
18600150175175ISMB 150 or RHS 145 x 82 x 4.8
20600200225195ISMB 200 o RHS 172 x 92 x 4.8

Finishing Choices:

  • Carpet
  • Vitreous/ Porselano Tiles
  • Vinyl/PVC Floor Covering

Everest Access Floor Boards

Product Details:
  • Unimate Distributed Load : 900
  • Application: Offices and Showrooms
  • Brand: Everest
  • Color: Grey

Quick and easy steps to a brand new floor. Everest Everest Access Floor Boards offer a cost-effective solution to space constraints. The HPSC process lends them superior impact strength and durability besides an impressive load carrying capacity with a suitable substrate framework of steel or timber. They are quick and easy to install with minimum disruption to an existing setup and best suited to areas with light to medium dead load that is exposed to low traffic.

Advantage Access Floors:

  • Leans towards green building and allows to earn LEED points
  • Design flexibility and excellent repeatability
  • Lighter dead load and floor slab when compared with PCC self-leveling screed
  • Speedy disruption during maintenance/ reconfiguration by 50%-80%
  • Cancels data cable, trays, and wiring, thereby giving a neat and uncluttered appearance
  • Cab be easily installed on row slab giving perfect level and alignment
  • Allows UFAD giving highest quality of indoor air which results in improved efficiency
  • Cable Management


  • Offices and Showrooms
  • Power Plants
  • Conference Rooms
  • Server Rooms etc.


PanalConcentrated Load (Kg)Uniform Distributed Load (Kg/M)Unimate Distributed Load (Kg/M)RollingLoad (Kg)Pedestal Axial Loading (Kg)

Everest Heavy Duty Floor Boards

Product Details:
  • Application: Showrooms
  • Brand: Everest
  • Thickness: 15 mm
  • Color: Red

Adding a mezzanine floor was never this easy. Thinking of adding a mezzanine floor Everest Heavy Duty Floor Boards are all you need. They are strong and durable flooring solutions. Everest Heavy Duty Floor Boards provide a quality mezzanine or raised floor where load impact is reasonably high. These Boards are extremely strong and durable CFC boards and are best suitable for applications that have moderate to heavy dead load and exposed to moderate traffic. They also act as the perfect substrate to final finished floor options with a suitable framework of steel or timber (steel decking for industrial applications). Everest Heavy Duty Floor Boards are extensively used in commercial and industrial installations and allow you to have the finish of your choice to truly help you build your imagination.

Finishing Choices:

  • Moisture Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Durable
  • Impact Resistant

Areas of Application:

  • Mezzanine floor: Showrooms, labourMultiplex, Shops and Restaurants, Offlaboraccommodations
  • Raised Floor: IT sector, Call Centres, Telephone Exchange
  • Tile underrlay in wetares: Toilets, Kitchens, Washrooms etc.



Sheet ThicknessSpanAllowable UDL (Kg/Sq.m.)Allowable P
oint Load
Suggested Section
(mm)(mm)2 to 3 supportsMultiple supports(Kg)
15300550800400ISA 65 x 65 x 6 or RHS 96 x 48 x 4.8
15400450710300ISMC 120 RHS 122 x 61 x 4.5
15600210300200ISMB 200 or RHS 172 x 92 x 4.8
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