Pre-Engineered Buildings

Everest Pre Engineered Buildings

Product Details:
  • Brand: Everest
  • Material: Steel
  • Feature: Easily Assembled
  • Built Type: Modular

With Everest Pre-Engineered Buildings, we promise you a complete building solution that takes care of all your construction needs. We don't just deliver, we do it right way!

FeatureConventional BuildingsEverest Pre-Engineered steel Buildings
DesignHighly sophisticated software design package Everest-MBS used for designing which reduces design time significantly and eliminates the error.
DeliveryAverage 20 to 26 weeksAverage 6 to 8 weeks
FoundationsHeavy foundationsSimple design, light foundations
Erection SimplicityStandard components connections, short learning curve
Erection timeLong High variable and unpredictable.Fast and standardized erection process
Seismic ResistanceRicad heavyweight structures do not perform well in seismic zones.Low weight flexible frames offer higher resistance to seismic zones.
Overall PriceHighCost efficient
ArchitectureSpecial architectural features and designs must be developed for each project which often requires research and thus resulting in much higher cost.Outstanding architectural design can be achieved at low cost using standard architectural features and interface details.Traditional wall and fascia materials such as concrete, masonry and wood can be utilized.

Earnestly committed to cultivate a system where the customer is kept "within the loop', we are absolutely transparent & process-driven in our workflow.
Everest Pre-Engineered Buildings are an example of systematic development. From structural design to installation, our customised ERP runs on SAPR3 platform that enables you to track the status of your project at any point of time.

Other Details:

Everest Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are 100% custom designed to provide maximum space utilization, excellent strength, and highest safety standards.

Our basic architectural measures include:

  • Building Width: the distance from the outside of the eave strut of one sidewall to the outside of the eave strut of the facing wall.
  • Building Length: the distance between the outside flanges of end wall columns in the facing end wall.
  • End Bay Length: the distance from the outside of the outer flange of end wall columns to the center line of the first interior frame columns.
  • Interior Bay Length: the distance between the center lines of two adjacent interior main frame columns, which usually range from 6m, 7.5m, 9m.

Everest Pre- Engineered Smart Steel Buildings

Product Details:
  • Brand: Everest
  • Material: Steel
  • Use: Factory buildings
  • Feature: Eco Friendly
  • Built Type: Modular

Ideal for contemporary design in low-rise low span structures, Everest Smart Steel Buildings are 100% customized, aesthetic, durable and green buildings with inbuilt stability. Our innovative state-of-the-art technology is the fastest for manufacturing and erecting buildings. Using the core strength of high tensile steel, its Light Gauge Steel Frame System allows multiple applications across commercial and residential sectors. Everest Smart Steel Buildings offer great design flexibility and allow architects/ interior designers to choose from a large variety of external and internal finishes.

Timely performance, excellent service backup and a faster response time are the reasons that renowned companies like TATA, Ansal API, Jindal Steel & Power, DTTDC, and POSCO trust Everest Smart Steel Buildings for their needs.

Design Process:

  • Everest Smart Steel bUildings translates your drawings plans into a ready-to-erect 3D steel framework withing a few days.
  • Light Gauge Steel Frames System as per international standard code (AS/NZ4600, AISI100, IBC2003)
  • The 'Z' and 'C' sections of these buildings are designed as per Austrailian and New Zealand standards, however, the building is designed as per IS codes for seismic, wind loads, dead and live loads
  • Complete backup of all drawings including assembly and erection
  • Hybrid Steel construction as required from time to time.


Smart steel is a faster way of construction with steel by primarily using cold form sections and dry construction methodology.

It is designed for up to 50 years but practically it is much more. However, this system's lifespan can be increased up to 100 years.

Using the cold formed profile of 150 mm width, we can design up to G+3 stories.

If spanned with a truss, it can take up to 15 meters while spanning with joists allows up to 5 meters. However, loading criteria govern the permissible span.

The system is designed as per Indian and International standards. This takes care of all these lateral forces at the time of design and hence it is completely safe.

The system uses high tensile steel of 550MPa and Galvanisation of 275GSM. This makes this system corrosion resistant even in coastal areas. Since Smart Steel Buildings use fire retardant material like steel and fiber cement boards etc, the complete system becomes fire retardant.

Smart Steel Buildings are fast and convenient system since it is pre-engineered with major components being factory-made and allows dry construction. It takes only 1/3rd o f the time in construction as compared to masonry! Smart Steel Buildings have less wall thickness, which saves and thus allows more space. It is approximately 1/3rd in weight of brickwork and safe for installation on rooftops.

Any kind of finish is possible, from paint to stone cladding! It is recommended that all finishing specifications to be finalized at the time of design of the structure.

Fixing details are provided as per the drawings and details provided by consultants. Any type of fixtures is possible of Smart Steel Structure.

Our Projects:

Project was done in HCL similar for all projects
Project was done in , Baddi (HP) similar for all projects
Project was done in Mahindra Showroom similar for all projects
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